Friday, June 5, 2009

Introducing... the almost Mr & Mrs!

Welcome to the Q & A post!
Where, uh I guess I'll ask the questions since this blog has only been in existence for oh, about an hour. You may be asking yourself- who the hell are you? Who is that rather tall man you are marrying? And especially, who are those two freakishly adorable kittens from the picture in your last post? Well imma 'bout to tell you!

WARNING: This post is a bit long- but I need to get you caught up! Then we'll be on our way to wedding paradise.

Me: I'll refer to myself as Miss 50 Stories. M50 for short. You see, I am marrying a musician and am the source of inspiration for an incredibly special song called "50 Stories." It is also my sexy lova's blog:
I encourage you to take a peek, and listen to my man sing his love for me.
I am an OCD DIYer. Sometimes taking on so many DIY projects that I stress and overwhelm myself. It's in my genes. I have a "Martha Stewart" mother and a contractor father. I love going to Home Depot and smelling the fresh cut lumber...mmm!
During the day, I am a sales representative for an indoor tanning distribution company. When I tell people my profession, I get many different reactions. Most people instantly become concious of their current tan/ lack of tan/ need to tan. "Oh you work in tanning? I am so pale right now. I'm usually darker." or "I like being pale and choose NOT to give myself skin cancer thankyouverymuch." Believe me, I've heard it all, good and bad. Though nothing beats that I had to change doctors because he equated what I do with selling booze and cigarettes to small children. Also know that my goal everyday is to help those who choose to be bronzed do this in a controlled, educated manor. Also, definitely let me know if you have any questions about indoor tanning, and airbrush/sunless products! You have no idea how much freakin' training I have to go through to do this job, so I enjoy spreading the knowledge.
I met Mr50 while I was on a date with someone else. Yep! You heard right!
Here's how it went down:
I was lonely, and fishing the ocean. I met a Mr. Match and we started dating. His second date idea? "Let's go watch my friend (Mr50) play music." Baaad idea! I was (secretly) instantly attracted. I immediately started racking my brain for which friend I could set him up with (glad I didn't). Mr. Match and I kept dating... and there were an awful lot of group dates with Mr50 in attendance. Mr. Match and I were not connecting, but Mr50 and I were. The final straw was a group date were we ended up sitting next to each other (again, bad idea!). We discovered each other's hidden passion for rapping dirty lyrics. Then the Freaks of the Industry duet began. In hindsight, that was very inappropriate, but at the time- I fell in love!
Some weeks went by and Mr. Match and I stopped seeing each other, and Mr50 and I started dating. Now here we are, spending the rest of our lives together.

My Husband-to-be: Mr50 is a manager by day, and rockin' musician at night. He is my best friend, and the most hilarious person I know. His talents have been quite handy when planning the entertainment portion of our wedding, but more on that later ;)

Our fuzzy companions: Cosmo and Juliette! The best cats ever! But I am only slightly bias.

Ok... now that we've gotten the "getting to know you" portion out of the way, let's take this relationship to the next level!

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  1. A great blog from an even greater woman! Rock on sweetheart!