Saturday, June 6, 2009

Are you serious?! Marry you?!

Last July Mr50 asked me to marry him on a random Tuesday, after work. He asked me to meet him at my mom's house to go swimming and BBQ dinner. I saw nothing unusual about this, because we visit for those reasons all the time. After a dip in the pool, I thought nothing of it when Mr50 asked me to grab Scrabble to play a quick game. I open the box- and I see the special message!!
Mr50 gets on one knee and pops of the question: "Will you marry me?"
Now, my entire life when I imagined this moment I thought I would be all done up, looking sexy. I also thought my reaction would be like something out of gone with the wind: poised, sweet, and well-worded.
My reaction? I scrunched my face up and exclaimed "Are you serious?!" in a slightly manish voice. I had just gotten out of the pool! My hair was wet and I had on an old house dress. The whole moment seemed to go by in an instant. I asked him a couple more times if he was serious. Once he confirmed he was, I said yes and we kissed/hugged/cried.
Obviously I was useless the next day at work. Definitely floating on a cloud. I immediately started researching wedding information and inspiration for our big day. Mr50's only request is "no pink." We set our date in October, 2009. The color palette was decided: navy, teal, champagne, and shaves of ivory. Once that was decided I officially started the process. That is when the fun began!

What about you? Did you react the way you thought you would when proposed to?

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  1. I'm glad I surprised you Sweets! I hadn't looked at the Scrabble board in awhile- it's funny that it says QAT on it!