Sunday, August 2, 2009

Custom Stencil for my OOT bags!!!

I am SO excited! I bought canvas tote bags for my out of town guests at Which I completely recommend- fast service, great prices, and nice quality. Then I got to thinking about what the heck I would put on the bags design-wise that would be cost effective. (estimate for screen printing: $15 PER bag) I decided a stencil that I could use with fabric paint would be ideal. After scouring the net I found Etsy dealer "Simply Stencils." I e-mailed the owner, Laura, about designing a custom stencil for me. Everything she sells was thisclose to what I was looking for.
A few months ago, Mr. 50 and I bought an adorable sign at a craft fair. It has become inspiration for many of the details that will be in our wedding. (don't mind my cat, Cosmo, in the pic- he rarely misses an opportunity to be photographed.)
I sent the picture of my sign to Laura and asked if she could create an 8x8 stencil that says:
Happily Ever After
She said that she could definitely do it! AWESOME!
The custom stencil cost $25 + $3 S&H
I already have the navy fabric paint from other projects, and I have 25 OOT bags. So...drumroll... each bag's design will cost $1.12. WAY less than screen-printing.
I can't wait to receive my new stencil- I will post pics when I get it.

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