Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Bachelorette Party - Pimp Cups!

The pimp cups at my bachelorette party were a hit! Everyone really enjoyed them and we’re even using them at my bridesmaid’s birthday party next week!

Here is how I bejeweled the goblets:
1. Find a PLASTIC goblet. A thicker plastic is best. I found mine at Wal-Mart for $1-$2. When picking a cup remember that jewels cannot be where the mouth is and there needs to be enough flat-ish space for the decorations. Margarita cups are not recommended.
2. Head on over to your local craft store for jewels and stickers. Keep in mind that the stickers need to be flexible to accommodate the curves of the cup. I picked a few colors to make the cups look cohesive. I used the Martha Stewart pink glitter letter stickers for the names and “Bride.” Next I found strips of rhinestones. It is very important that you use the strips. (all hooked together with a clear backing) This way you can make lines around the cup. Individual rhinestones will take forever and the glue will make a mess. You can always cut off of the strip if you need just one or two.
3. I sealed the rhinestones onto the cup with clear nail polish and let it dry before applying another coat. The mouth won’t be near any of the stones so it is ok. Some of the cups have thread criss-crossed down the handle. Definitely get creative! It was a very fun project.
4. I used the leftover letters and rhinestones to make a sign for the front door of the hotel room. It was perfect! Especially when room service came. They knew what to expect before coming in the room. (there was penis paraphernalia everywhere!)

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  1. You are so crafty! I wish I was as creative! I love the MS letters you picked!