Thursday, August 20, 2009

Bridal Shower

There are some of the highlights from my bridal shower. It was gorgeous!

Since there will not be any pink in our wedding, I requested a super girly, tea party-esque, pink bridal shower! Did my friends and family deliver or what?! My bridesmaid Kryssi Patel was the photographer.

I was blown away by all the little details: * strawberry and lemon ice cubes for the homemade lemonade * candy pink painted vases with pearl designs * powder sugar stenciled hearts on the brownies * tiny pink picture frames with our engagement photos * shrubs pruned into hearts * homemade scrapbook so each guest could write a special message * lot’s of love, time, and energy!


  1. adorable the decorations are great have to throw in that pink somewhere! And I LOVE my Kitchen Aid mixer it's the BEST thing out there! Brownies in minutes!

  2. Funny you mention your mixer! I received my cuisinart mixer (like the kitchen aid) at the shower and I freakin' flipped out. I squealed, jumped, and almost peed myself. I've gotten the attachments as gifts already and I can't wait to whip up some fabulous goodies.