Monday, August 10, 2009

Table Numbers

Here are my table numbers! I love the way they turned out. They will fit the theme of our guest tables perfectly. They were also very easy to make- and cost $2.50 each! Nice!
List of materials:
* Krylon Brushed Metallic spray paint in "Champagne Nouveau"
* Krylon Indoor/Outdoor spray paint in "Ivory"
* RustOleum Hammered finish spray paint in "Gold"
* RustOleum Painter's Touch Ultra Cover 2X in "Clear"
* Picture frames 5x8 from 99 cent store
* Wooden numbers from Michaels
* Patterned paper by Envelopments
* Mod Podge glue

-All of the spray paint was purchased at Wal-Mart. They have the lowest-priced spray paint in my area. All of it will also be used on other projects.
-The wooden numbers were purchased using the 40% off coupons from Michaels making the price per table number lower.

1) I sprayed each of the originally silver frames with the "Hammered" finish spray giving them texture
2) After they dried I sprayed them with the Ivory spray paint
3) To prevent chipping and looking dull, I sprayed them with the clear finish spray
4) I dismantled cereal boxes and cut the cardboard into 5x8 pieces
5) Next, I glued patterned paper to the 5x8 pieces of cardboard
6) Lightly sanded each wooden number to make them smooth
7) Sprayed the numbers with the metallic spray paint. (I went slightly darker than the patterned background so they would stand out and be easy to find)
8) After they dried, I sprayed with the clear finish spray
9) Then, I used Modge Podge glue to attach the numbers to each piece of the patterned cardboard 5x8
10) Insert the 5x8 cardboard with the number attached into the frame. (do not use the frame glass- it won't fit with the number)
Viola! Table Number!


  1. Great tutorial! I've featured you on my blog (and cute cat).

  2. They look great!!! I love the frames you used, can't believe the were from the .99 store, what a bargain!

  3. Which Michaels did you get the numbers? I live in Syracuse NY and they don't seem to carry the numbers.